Top 5 Easy To Use Beat Making Programs

Beat making programs are continuously being created to help the aspiring musician with the goal of creating his or her own kind of music. Each artist tries to find a genre to work with and to help them realize their goal they have to acquire programs that will help them put together music that fits the needs and wants of today’s generation of music lovers. Starting out is not easy so these budding music makers need to get all the available help they can get.

Top 5 Beat Making Programs You Can Start With

You can choose from the following beat making programs in order to speed up the process and enhance the quality of making music beats. Some of them are very affordable and would fit a beginner’s budget.

dubturbo#1 DubTurbo

DubTurbo is a unique beat making software program that’s inexpensive and very easy to use. It prides itself on the high quality sound of the samples it provides. It doesn’t provide compressed Mp3 files but instead gives you 44.1 Kilohertz of WAV files that are crisper and clearer. These sounds are also ready to be broadcasted and will come out great. With DubTurbo’s 16-track sequencer you can edit fast and easy as you create your unique beats. You don’t have to use a big drum with this software.

DubTurbo is also considered a personal music studio with all the conceivable effects and musical instruments that you need because of the 4 Octave keyboard it has. You can even adjust the volumes of all the sound samples there. This is obviously an amazing software program for a beat making musician to have and it is the reason why it’s #1 on the list.

#2 Sonic Producer

This beat making software prides itself on its huge sound library of more than 2000 various sounds ready for you to access. The Sonic producer concentrates on providing beats produced in the MP3 format so that they can be accessed from a mobile MP3 player.


#3 MAGIX Music Maker MX

This software is another top beat making software that’s available today. It has 64 audio tracks,video and MIDI functions. It has over 3,500 loops that you can use. You could export your music in MIDI or WAV files as well. It also has VST support for extra effects, instrumentation and options for interface.


#4 Sony Creative Software ACID Music Studio 8.0

This beat making software has EQ, flanging, phase shift, time stretching, reverb, chorus, distortion and delay for all the sounds that you incorporate. It includes tools such as MIDI and sequencers as well.



#5 Image Line FL Studio 10 Signature Bundle

This program is also considered a music studio in one. You can master, edit, record, arrange, mix and compose professional level type of music. This costs ten times more than DubTurbo. If you can afford it then by all means buy it but keep in mind that the functions are similar to DubTurbo just a lot more expensive.

You have to be clear cut on what you want and the functions you will need when you are making music beats since each beat making program will have different features. You will find the one that fits what you need from the top 5 beat making programs mentioned above.

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